Extra long weekend smiles

By Vatapuia Maiava 04 March 2016, 12:00AM

Apart from the unlucky few who still have to work, the people of Samoa have been given a long weekend gift to enjoy due to the elections.

The four-day long weekend started yesterday and many people welcomed the break as a good opportunity to relax with family and friends, go to a beach or get chores done around the house.

Samoa Observer caught up with a few people on what they have planned for the 4 day weekend.

For Fasi Sa’u and his family visiting from New Zealand the first thing on their agenda was to go driving around yesterday checking out some family land and then a bit of relaxation.

Today they plan to observe the election process.

“We went driving around yesterday to have a look at some land that the family owns and to see what potential it has, then we just relaxed with the family,” Mr. Sa’u said.

“Today is elections and it will be very interesting to see how things are done here. We plan to just go around and see what the atmosphere is like during a Samoan Election.”

For Dillon Fihaki, his family would just like to keep things simple and take the free time to just embrace the beauty of Samoa.

“My family will most probably do a road trip around beautiful Samoa, admiring the island,” Mr. Fihaki said.

“We’ll go sightseeing and swim at all the tourist spots, because living in the urban areas of Samoa really takes away the opportunity to appreciate the beauty that is Samoa.”

Mr. Fihaki and his family also plan to just relax and spend some quality time together.

“I will also be spending some quality time with family in Nofoalii with nothing but a cold beer in one hand, and a spatula for BBQing in the other,” Mr. Fihaki said.

“I’m going to just chill for days and then end the perfect weekend by going to watch the ‘Three Wise Cousins’.”

As for Kresten Stunzner and his family they will be taking the opportunity to visit Fiji.

“I’ll be making the most of it by going with my aunties and cousins to Fiji for my Aunt’s birthday,” Mr. Stunzner said.

“Then we’ll probably be back next week Tuesday, my parents don’t want to come and they plan to just work on their garden.”

But for many others in Samoa; rest, chores, family and friends are all that makes a perfect 4 day weekend.

Heker Nanaii Matai is one of them and wants to keep this long weekend very simple by helping out around the house and hanging with family and friends.

“I want to get through the elections and then do some chores and help out around the house, the grass needs to be mowed and I need to clear the back of my house,” Mr. Matai said.

“Then after all my chores are through I will find time to go to the movies and then hang with family and friends on the sea wall.”

“But I think I’ll be spending most of the long weekend catching up on some sleep.”

By Vatapuia Maiava 04 March 2016, 12:00AM
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