Open your eyes, Samoa!

A Samoan matai who has served his family and village from New Zealand and Australia where he has lived says Samoa should vote for a change. 

Namulauulu Vaoliko Pesamino from Malololelei believes the ruling Human Rights Protection Party (H.R.P.P) has been at the helm for too long and it is time to give the Tautua Samoa Party a chance to run the country.

“They are acting as dictators,” he said. “We’ve witnessed how these guys run our country over the years, it’s changing and they are now becoming more and more powerful. I think this is something our people should think about and make up their minds.

“I am not saying that all the members of H.R.P.P. are bad. There are good people under the umbrella of H.R.P.P but the problem is all candidates feel that if they don’t go there, they will never make it to Parliament.”

He disagrees with a lot of decisions made by Tuilaepa and his party.

 “There are a lot of new laws and legislations that are prohibiting our people from doing a lot of things and denying us from exercising our human rights,” he said.

He was referring to the ‘Monotaga law’, which was passed recently. 

“That’s rubbish,” he said. “I am telling you that they made this law to draw a barrier for our people living overseas and to help them validate their actions.”

He believes that Samoans living overseas are all serving their families and villages here in Samoa through remittances.

“We bring in millions of tala into our country and yet we don’t get to vote from overseas and also deny some of our own people of their rights to contest in the election. We’ve been trying and asking the government to allow our people living overseas to vote in the election but Tuilaepa always turns it down.

“Hence why I support the Tautua party because they make more sense than Tuilaepa and his party.”

He stands firmly with his belief that their [Samoans living abroad] tautua or monotaga is through their ongoing contributions to the many fa’alavelaves.

“Isn’t that tautua as well?” he questioned. “It’s a lot of sacrifice having to get two jobs to earn enough money for our families here in Samoa and he doesn’t consider that as tautua? He doesn’t think the millions we contribute into our economy is enough?”

Namulau’ulu went on further to say that the monotaga requirement has denied many candidates their human rights.

 “They are called the Human Rights Protection Party and yet they do the opposite of what they are supposed to do. That is why I agree with Tautua that they should be called the Human Rights Corrupt Party.”

He also accused the Prime Minister of being “manipulative and disrespectful.”

“He has been in power far too long and he grew in terms of power. He has become a very manipulative man. He has also manipulated our culture; he was making fun of Le Tagaloa, a high paramount chief respected by all. He was talking down to this man and he mocks him.

 “He always calls everyone “a fool”. To him, no one is smarter than him.”

“We have a “Samoan Hitler” in the political system of Samoa.”

“I am so concerned about the power Tuilaepa has built and how powerful he has become over the years. I would say that he and his “mates” have deliberately set up these laws for themselves. He plays and fools everybody, even the Head of State and the Council of Deputy. 

“That goes to show that he doesn’t care and respect our culture. He thinks he is above everyone else.” 

The 67-year-old believes that things will change if Tautua wins as the ruling party.

He believes that Samoa is better off under the leadership of the Tautua Party because they listen to what the people want and they have real plans to address the issues faced by our people.

He urges the people of Samoa to vote for what they believe in instead of what they are asked to do.

“I am making this call for our people to open their eyes and see the reality of things. See with your eyes open and an open mind. I know it might be a little too late but I hope that our people realize the truth and act fast to avoid things falling apart.”

Namulau’ulu has spent forty years of his life residing in New Zealand and Australia.

He was the first Pacific Islander to contest in the General Election in New Zealand under the National Party. He contested twice but was unsuccessful.  

Breaking the cycle for Pacific people and trying to get into politics was the main reason behind his interest in contesting in the election. He has a degree as a social worker, and he’s been working with a lot of people around the Pacific. 

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