Quality and quantity

Think a minute…Imagine you had not eaten anything all day. So that night you decide to go out to a nice restaurant and buy the biggest, tastiest steak in the house. Finally, the waiter brings your meal and you can’t believe your eyes.

On your plate is just a tiny piece of meat, enough for only two bites!  You complain to the waiter about how tiny your steak is, but he says:  “Sir, that little piece of steak is from the finest cow money can buy. You’ll never find a better bite of meat anywhere.”  Would you be satisfied? Of course not! Why? Because both quality and QUANTITY are important in life. This is especially true with how much time we give to our children. 

Many of us parents spend such little time actually talking and listening to our kids. And we defend ourselves by saying:  “Well, I have good quality time with them. I make my short times with my kids count. I even buy them nice things.”

But our kids are starving for more time with us! They need more than just a small bite of our time and a few leftovers after we’ve made time for our own fun and friends first.  Or maybe we stay at work late, night after night, for more money. Yet we still don’t understand why our kids are rebelling against us, or why they’re having problems at school. It’s simply because we, their parents, are not giving them enough of our time, attention, and real love.

You and I usually make time for things that are important to us. Your kids would much rather have YOU than a bigger house and more toys. Dad and Mom, your kids need both of you now while they’re growing up. It’s now that they need you to talk with them, to listen and really understand what they’re feeling and going through, and just to be their friend and enjoy fun times together. So if you realize you’re not giving your best time to your children, both in quality and quantity, then today you can ask Jesus to forgive you.

Then, with His real love and power you can change to start becoming the new and better parent your children need. Just Think a Minute…

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