A vague and convoluted act

Dear Editor,


Re: Monotaga or no Monotaga

First of all, there is no specific definition of monotaga that would pass legal muster. The present irony...is that while Parliament had failed to come up with a definitive, unambiguous and fair definition and application, yet the courts went ahead and enforced what obviously is a vague and convoluted, if not a politically motivated, Act.

Why should parliament define what monotaga is? 

As you say yourself, acts of monotaga vary from village to village according to each village’s customs and traditions. 

So why should Parliament define what monotaga is? 

Parliament has rightfully left the definition of monotaga to the villages to define and interpret. As long as monotaga is done, the requirements of the law are satisfied. 

If there are disputes about how or what monotaga may look like in one village, then yes it will head to court for the court to interpret according to that particular village’s customs and traditions.

I am not sure if you are a matai LV Letalu, but if you are, the requirements of being a matai mean you serve your village. You don’t just carry around the title for doing nothing. 

The opposition party is called the “Tautua party”, yet they laughably want to remove “tautua” from the job description of matai who want to run for parliament. Quite hilarious if you ask me.


PS Jeffrey

Samoa Observer

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