Please keep Samoa the ‘pearl of the Pacific’

Dear Editor,

Re: Climate change tops Minister’s agenda

Minister Fiame, can you please make your first project to fight climate change getting rid of so many cars coming into such a small island. 

Please start by increasing funds to improve the bus system and promote things like scooters and bicycles as alternative types of transportation for Samoa.  The amount of cars that have increased into Samoa in the 10 years I have been visiting has become a real problem for the country. 

There is so much more pollution and you can now see a brown haze towards the water when you come down Cross Island Road towards Apia. 

It’s disgusting and needs to be addressed while we can still see the beautiful stars at night. Don’t take those beautiful starry nights for granted, I can tell you I never see beautiful starry nights like in Samoa where I live, except if I go to the star show at the local Planetarium and pay $40. Canadian dollars for my grandson and me, for what you get to see every night for free. 

The traffic jams in Apia are horrible and the careless driving on all the other streets around town, as well as from one side of the island to the other side, are just accidents waiting to happen. 

I’m not saying get rid of all cars as people need trucks, especially for work, but at least start to limit the amount coming in while at the same time create reliable, affordable methods of transportation so people wont have to be so reliant on personal vehicles. 

Everybody doesn’t need a brand new car or truck every year and the beauty of the island, peoples lungs, and safety from accidents are at points that cant take much more. 

Not to mention what all this car exhaust does to the fertile land for crops and the picked crops sitting in the open markets in town. Yuck! 

Do your job keeping Samoa the real “Pearl of the Pacific” so we don’t just end up having to squint through the car smog to read it on the back of the cars licence plates.


Wendy Wonder

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