Obey the law

Re: The downfall of Tuilaepa’s government 

Irrespective of one’s position on this (I am for taxing them) and your opinion of the Samoan government (I am not a big fan), there is a basic rule of law that is to be followed in any democracy.

This law has been put through the Parliamentary process and although it was somewhat non-consultative and rushed, it is a law that all Samoan citizens are obliged to follow.

For a powerful group to stand up and openly state that they will defy the law, just because they are greedy and do not want to pay their fair share into the public purse, has to raise serious concerns about sedition and incitement to civil disobedience.

In a democracy, to change the law we vote in representatives to do this for us. In this case, Samoans have elected a government with a majority of more than 90%, which has been steadily building over the last 20 years, so there must be a base support from their constituents as to how they conduct government in Samoa.

If you don’t like it, stand against the H.R.P.P. in the next election, win government and change the laws. Surely with the power of the churches, you can achieve what has been the unachievable for more than 20 years.

Until then, respect the laws of Samoa and spend more effort in helping your flocks rather than vacuuming every tala from them to pay for your extravagant lifestyles and complaining that you have to pay for the many public facilities you use every day, like roads, health care, etc.


S. Palagi

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