Taxes, God and meaninglessness

By Lumepa Hald 28 June 2018, 12:00AM

Of taxes and clergies, the point in the middle if you look downwards and upwards is the spread of the economy. 

By whose hands are the poor getting poorer and who is filthy rich these days? I have no solutions because I am not an accountant, but like most of you, I have the gift of observation. 

I know also that besides modernity and governance limitations, the whole unity of the world depends on the unity of the family unit spiralling upwards. 

Even the snakes and the whales of the sea need unity in the world to savour the pure taste of the ocean besides plastic bags, no? 

And what about unity in spirit when we are called to become spectacular spectators for the Manu? Don’t those things follow suit the same principle of justice is a virtue?

But we are living in trying times, where forming the happy person means reflecting on the heroes in the past. 

We have witnessed over and over the decadent soul of humanity being overcome by a few good men and yes women. Yes, goodness in humanity exists and always prevails. While this time is no different as far as heroism is defined, being a hero is much more varying and in high demand for simple virtues such as obedience, faithfulness and respect. 

Ever considered the quick and easy parting ways of husbands and wives over simple quarrels of insecurities? Seems the lack of unity is forging plastic relationships too. 

So here I am writing with music in my heart. 

My hopefulness dwells on the children that await the heroes of today to rescue the baton from the pointless race of religion and government gone haywire. If work was worship, I believe we would be richer in spirit and balanced on all levels of the ragged economy. 

And once men realize that God is not begging for attention, then the whole debate on taxes for anyone including the church would be upon the experts of accounting only. If it is needed, to save a generation from poverty, then what loving god would wish for less? 

If you ask me for the meaning of life I will write you a poem to say that life is a tad pointless with meaning. It is the meaninglessness of life that we should highlight more. 

Because when we know that God is the end of all things, then this life is only a duty to complete and to complete with favour for the next human being, the next tree, the next butterfly. To leave it with remorse and unhappiness is uncalled for. 

What makes us think we are better than anyone or anything anyway? 

Humility is a virtue, speaking of virtues - that hones me into a long peaceful stance. I find that with humility, the world is conquerable any day, no matter how hard life seems to be.

By Lumepa Hald 28 June 2018, 12:00AM

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