The promise to be accountable

Dear Editor,

This is the problem with having PM Tuilaepa’s son in law as Controller and Chief Auditor to the govt.

In his own words in verbatim, said Fuimaono, “I will be fully accountable to you when December 2016 is finished and still no reports submitted to the Speaker.”

Now he’s talking with such over confidence as if he himself is the PM by 

saying that he will be fully accountable and responsible because he knows nothing will happen to him.

THE AUDITED REPORTS WERE SUPPOSED TO BE PRESENTED ANNUALLY – not every 4 or 5 years. Yet it has taken 4 – 5 years to prepare one annual report and they are still not presented on time? Therefore even if he presents them to the Speaker ‘on time’ – he has presented them too late!

To me, PM Tuilaepa and his Cabinet are fully responsible for this. They were supposed to demand for these reports each year. And if he doesn’t present the report on time/annually, then the Cabinet needs to move in.

The last report he presented 4 years ago highlighted only 5 per cent of the govt’s 

corruption. The only reason 5% of the corruption was highlighted was because too many people knew about it including the Opposition back then and it could no longer be covered up. 

The Cabinet and the Speaker of the House need to change the law in regards to the Controller and Chief Auditor. After all, he said he will be fully accountable.

The Cabinet needs to get rid of him.


Mabehel Raguel

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