Recognizing royalty

Think a minute… The successful country singer Lonzo Green was visiting his relatives, so his teenage nephew, Jim, invited all his friends to his house to meet his famous uncle. But there was one quiet 15-year-old boy whom Jim’s parents would not allow to come inside their house. 

He was poor so they called him “white trash” and treated as if he was from a lower class.

When Jim told Uncle Lonzo that the boy outside had a guitar but didn’t know how to tune it, Lonzo gladly offered to show him how. Since the boy was not allowed inside the house, they arranged to meet outside.  

It was obvious to Lonzo that this teenage boy was embarrassed and felt out of place in a rich neighborhood. The boy’s guitar was old, cheap, and hung around his neck with just a piece of string. After Lonzo showed the shy teenager how to tune his guitar, he offered to teach him some songs. 

The boy was so surprised and happy that Lonzo spent two whole hours playing and singing with him that he started feeling confident in his own ability to play and sing. 

Lonzo never met that boy again, at least not face to face. You see, that same boy who was not allowed to come inside the house, became the King of Rock n’ Roll: Elvis Presley. 

There’s a similar true story about another king. Even though He is actually the King of all kings, and Maker of the universe, He chose 2,000 years ago to humiliate Himself by become a human being—born into a poor, working-class family. Most people did not even recognize Him. In fact, not only was He rejected by His own people then, but by most of us today. 

Remember, Jesus never said He was only a good man, teacher, or prophet. He declared that He is God Himself. God the Son Who came to sacrifice Himself to save us, and guarantees He will come again to judge our world for all our sin and evil. 

So Jesus is either a liar, a lunatic, or He really is who He said He is and proved: our Lord, Creator, and Savior who loves us even more than we can fully comprehend. He desperately wants to forgive us and spare us His judgment that we fully deserve for all our sinful, wrong living, so He can give us His everlasting life. 

Will you recognize your King today by asking Him to come into your heart and take full charge of every area of your life? Until you do, you can never have His real, lasting peace, love, and happiness He created you to have, both now and forever. 

Just think a minute… 

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