Slow and steady wins the race

You know that saying, “Slow and steady wins the race?”  Remember the tortoise and hare? The hare is fast, but loves comfort, luxury and of course resting.  The easy success has made his head haughty, careless and quick to judge.  The tortoise is slow but consistent.  He is humble and persevering.  He loves hard work and this is the secret of his winning the race in the long run.  I have been told many times that I am the tortoise, give me enough time and I will eventually do something perfectly.  Well?  It has nothing to do with being the smartest, fastest or genes; it’s consistency and hard work.   Over time this kind of behaviour becomes a habit and this is my very own key to success in school. 

I heard once about two guys camping in the woods.   As they sat by the fire, they heard something in the bush.  They noticed a bear coming down.  They said to each other, “We got to go!”  One took off running and the other sat down to put on his shoes.  The one who was running noticed his friend was not running by his side and saw his friend lacing up his sneakers.  He called out, “What on earth are you doing that for, we have to out run this bear?  His friend who started to run, said, “I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you!”  The point of the story is take time out to prepare yourself to beat the competition, even if it means going slowly at first as you prepare for the race.

But why does life always have to be a race?  Today’s world is all about being fast.  Everybody is busy and racing their own race so they don’t get left behind.  Slow and steady is a thing of the past for some.  I used to hurry in my exams like everyone else in my class.  I later found out that I was making silly mistakes and most likely failed with a score I was not proud of.  When we run in a hurry, we get tired easily and as a result lose focus and sadly give up.  It’s the same thing with taking exams.  Now I try to work calmly and patiently even if I am the last to finish my exam (that’s why they call me the turtle at school).  It is better to be slow and careful with one’s work, than spend more time correcting rushed work with mistakes, that has to be done all over again.  

Exams are sometimes difficult to pass, frustrating and one of the worst things we go through in life as a teenager. Like the saying goes, when we rush to study for an exam at the last minute, “We study, we take the test, we pass it and then we forget what we learned!”  But as we prepare ourselves for the race each and every day that may not always be the case.   If we work slowly and steadily, with a firm determination and persistence before any challenge, certainly we will be able to win sooner or later, with the grades we want.  It’s a fascinating journey, where there is so much to enjoy after hard work, persistence and patience. Just ask the tortoise.   

Good Luck on your Exams this week and remember slow and steady wins the race so start studying every day to enjoy the results at the end!!           


Here are some funny jokes to make you smile while studying:

*Teacher: “This essay on your dog is, word for word, the same as your brother’s.

Student: Yes, sir, it is the same dog.


*Sulu: “Dad can you write in the dark?”

Dad: “I think so.  What do you want me to write?”

Sulu:  “Your name on this report card.”


*Teacher:  “Here is a math problem.  If your dad earned $300 a week and he gave your mum half, what should he have?

Student:  “A heart attack.”


*Teacher:  “If you had one dollar and you asked your father for another, how many dollars would you have?”

Tala: “One dollar.”

Teacher:  “You don’t know your maths.”

Tala:  “You don’t know my father.”

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