So much dishonesty in Samoa

Dear Editor,

Re: Heartless thieves in times of disaster 

Really, looting in times of disaster is just a logical extension of the theft and dishonesty practiced by far too many Samoans every day

For example, when burying my wife’s father in Upolu a few years back, family left behind in Savai’i decided to break into my wife’s shop on not 1 but 4 occasions, taking over $3000 in goods and then break into our house at least once to steal alcohol and clothes.

All was captured on video camera and the police put one of my wife’s cousins in jail despite his pleas of innocence till he was shown his starring role on video. Had it been me, it would have been most of the rest of the family joining him as they were clearly receiving stolen goods, all while the rest of the family was paying respect to their uncle.

How many stories are out there from business owners stealing from employers, unauthorised use of government and company vehicles and a myriad of other offences against fellow Samoans.

Add to that the growing offences against tourists in the form of exploitation and intimidation to rip off as much Kupe as possible and theft from accommodation and we wonder why our biggest industry is not moving forward at the same rate as neighbouring countries.

Sometimes it seems that committing the ten commandments and the seven deadly sins have become the Samoan bucket list rather than the good Christian rules to live by.

We talk if the country’s financial woes, debt and potential bankruptcy, however moral bankruptcy is a bigger issue in this land of constitutional Christianity.



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