What are the qualities of a successful candidate?

13 February 2016, 12:00AM

Each person has the right to choose whoever they think will be the best representative of them in their constituency. With the election a few weeks away, Sarafina Sanerivi asked citizens what quality they would be looking for amongst the candidates who are standing. This is what they said:


Davie Joe 

Honesty is the best quality. That’s all I look for in a candidate.

Victor Chong Nee

I am voting for someone I think is the perfect person to represent my district. The candidate I have in mind is someone who loves his people and who is respected by a lot of people. He is someone who is not high-minded and who is very friendly. To me, that is the kind of representative I want.

Moli Alofia 

Honest, smart and humble. Those are the main qualities every candidate should have. And I think everyone should really get to know the candidates they are voting for and see if they have these qualities. These are the qualities that would make good leaders for Samoa. And I think that if the candidates don’t have these qualities, they should not run at all.

Nu’u Mata’utia 

To me, I go for someone with a good educational background. This is because he or she will be very smart and have lots of ideas in order to develop the country. A good politician is someone who loves the people truly and someone who is not selfish. We need good people to run our government, people who are honest and do things for the benefit of others. Also I think in order for our government to move forward, we should vote for those who are willing to do things for our children and our future generations. We need leaders who understand the needs of our citizens and serve them with love.

Nya de-Mont

I want someone who stands by his words. I think we’ve had enough of all the false promises. It’s time to have leaders who are loyal and honest. And how do we know this? Well actions speak louder than words, and we want to see more action and less talking.

Malu Taliulu 

I’m looking for someone with a good plan - not only for his district but also for the country as a whole. A good representative is someone who is always ready to face all the challenges and has a plan to lead our people. Someone like Tuilaepa. He is the true definition of a good leader. He has done a lot for our country and he is the perfect person to lead this country.

13 February 2016, 12:00AM

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