Better roads will complete our village

By Aruna Lolani 23 August 2017, 12:00AM

Our village deserves better roads.

That’s the opinion of To’alepai Apineru of Saoluafata.

The 31-year-old was on his way to check on his cattle farm when he was approached for an interview by the Village Voice team.

“The best thing about this village is its good governance and it has a huge impact on people, because whenever you come through this way, all you see is friendly faces and everybody seems welcoming,” he told Village Voice.

“But I think the only problem that we need to do something about are our roads.

“Everybody in this village is aware of this matter and you know, this is something that the village council is currently working on, or at least planning to do something about it.

“This road belongs to our village but the reason why it’s important for me to voice my opinion is because this is where one of the most amazing places tourists come to visit, you know because of its rivers and waterfalls.

“I mean, Sauniatu is based here and whoever knows of Sauniatu knows that it’s beautiful, but in order to get there, you have to go through a lot of potholes before you reach the destination.

“And that is why our village needs help in fixing its roads and it’s a must because tourists and people from overseas are always visiting, everyday and this could affect our tourism on this side if nothing is done about it.

“The government needs to work together with our village to get this done to make everything better for our village, and not only that, but the whole country as well, because we are all Samoans.

“But at the moment, our village is a safe place and I believe it’s one of the beautiful places in Samoa that tourists would not want to miss because at the very end of this road, there’s another village and another world there.”

By Aruna Lolani 23 August 2017, 12:00AM
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