Ride the wild horses

Think a minute…Wild horses are such beautiful, powerful animals. It’s inspiring just to watch them run—fast and free. 

Yet their great speed and power would be of no use for transportation or anything else to mankind, if they had not been trained. 

But then, we humans also have tremendous natural power and passion in us. We were not created just to be boring, safe people with no colorful personalities or special abilities. Just the opposite. God made us with all kinds of strong drives, personalities and ambitions to do great things. 

We just have to control and channel our passions, so we’ll use their power for our good and the good of those around us. Whether its our ambition for success in our job and career, our natural ability to lead others, or our passion for fun and adventure.

You see, God wants us to use the strong drives and desires He gave us to reach our full potential and make a difference in this world, which He made for us to enjoy with Him. Jesus Christ came to set us free to become all we were created to be. 

He wants to give us the inner strength and self-control we need to fully use the power of our passions. Jesus Himself has strong passions, emotions, and a powerful personality. 

And He showed us how to use ours in the right way for the right purpose.

Jesus doesn’t want to take all the fun, excitement and passion out of your life. 

He wants to help you maximize it and live your life to the fullest—through power under control. Jesus doesn’t want to take the fight out of you; He wants you to learn to fight His way for His truth and the right reasons. 

He wants you to use your anger for the right things, so you’ll be angry at dishonesty and lying, vicious gossip, religious pride, prejudice, immorality and lack of self-control. 

You’ll want to stop the abuse of women and children, and all the other wrongs that are ruining people’s lives, including your own.

So today, why not ask Jesus to take complete control of your character, ambitions, and desires? He’s the only one who can help you train and ride the wild horses of your nature. Then, you can make the most of your natural drives and passions to help both yourself and others enjoy a satisfying, full life. 

Just Think a Minute…

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