Family’s plea for clean water

Living in the Village can be very difficult. 

For Fatulau Fa’amasino, age 57 from village of Luatuanu’u, it is one of the hardest things in the world.

 “We have more than 10 people in our family, and it is a struggle for us to survive,” he told Village Voice.

“We have three sons who fish for a living for our family.  They go out and fish all day and then sell the fish in town to support our family.

“No one else in our family works,” he went on to say. 

“Our main source of income is from our sons fishing.”

Not only does Fatulau need money to support his family, but he also needs money to support his kids to go to school.

“We have five kids who are trying to go to school, and it is a struggle to make school fee payments. We want our kids to have a future!”

“Most of the money that we do make goes to us surviving and paying for food, yet we want our kids to go to school. It’s so hard”

The fees in Fatulau’s village are extremely expensive and make it difficult for Fatulau to support his family of more than ten.

Fatulau’s family also struggles with water and other basic necessities, but they have a big problem, their water source has no filter.

The family needs a water tank to store their water and water filters to make sure the water is clean to drink. 

“We have no water tank and our water is extremely dirty, we really need a water filter for ourselves or we get sick,” he went on to say.

“The water in our village is our lifeline, especially for my family of over 10 people, and with the water being as dirty as it is, we get sick and it is bad for my family.”

“Without these things our family will not survive, and this is a big problem in Samoa.”

“However, we make due with what we have.”“I want not only the best for my family, but also for everyone in the village, we are in this together.”If you want to support Fatulau and his family, call him at 7627591.

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