Re: Rallying cry by millions of women echoed in Samoa

Dear Editor

I’m not a Hillary fan nor am I a Trump fan. I’m angry at the fact this country is controlled by two parties, both corrupt and who disenfranchise it’s people....I see it and I live it.

And I’m angry at people like Michael Moore because he made millions off of selling the idea of fighting the “establishment” but didn’t go far enough to stop the DNC from putting up Hillary as the candidate. So stop with the speeches already.

Why didn’t he join in starting up a movement to highlight Bernie Sanders more before the primaries? He had the money and the whereabouts if he joined forces with other progressives. But he only comes out when the cameras are on. Or when he’s promoting one of his movies. That’s when my eyes cross and my ears go deaf!

As for Bernie, I am behind him all the way. His message has never wavered since entering politics way back when....he’s always been for the “people.” But when he backed Hillary, even when he knew, she’s a pathological liar, a corporatist tool, a war mongering self-serving neo-con rightist masquerading as a centrist lefty, is all I could take.

He needs to address her supporters directly by telling them the election is OVER! Now put your “big girl panties” on and let’s get to work scrutinizing EVERYTHING this maniacal buffoon is doing to further the decline of this country and stop with the speeches.

Join forces with the progressives who will push for candidates who are NOT corporate owned and who DON’T take corporate monies and who push the “people’s” issues and NOT their self-serving interest or interest of lobbyists.

For pete’s sake, we are ALL capitalists. These greedy corporate pigs have adulterated the true meaning of capitalists to where it’s a dirty word. It’s more appropriately called “corporatist,” because it’s they who run this country from top to bottom....SMH!!!

We cannot stop any of Trump’s nominees because the puppet masters who pull the strings of our congress want these “goons” in. BUT, we can be vigilant and come out in massive force to protest any and all policies that favor the 1% and endanger the rest of us.

Like these wars, healthcare for all, stop funding charter schools and put more money in our public education. Stop the mergers of these conglomerates and enforce the “anti trust laws” to halt these mergers.

Demilitarize our local police forces. But before we march and protest for these things, we need to come together and march statewide for two most important things that must happen immediately....!) Audit the Federal Reserve and disclose all their members and set rules and regulations for them to follow and 2) Kill the Patriot Act NOW! These two issues impact ALL our lives and is the bane of 90% of ALL the problems in this country. You want to cause a fuss, march and it is!

Choose your battles and protest smartly....educate everyone WHY you’re marching and the cause. Marching because of my vagina is not a worthy cause. Let Trump reveal all his policies first and not waste our people energy before then.

Remember Americans have short memories and are lazy people because they are heavily in debt and are easily scared. The establishment only need to set up a “false flag” situation and manipulate people to “follow me,” to further their agenda. Our history speaks it! We’re on the same page, I’m just looking at it from my 30th floor apartment! LOL! Cheers!

Stella M

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