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Re: Govt. amends Constitution to reflect Christian State

The “state,” i.e. the government that is supposed to represent all the people, chooses to separate itself from those citizens who do not belong to the sate’s religion, essentially creating a second, and lower, class of citizenry. 

Today the state’s religion is to be “Christianity” but how long before that becomes a particular denomination or sect of Christianity? 

How would Protestants feel if the “state” decided that Catholicism would be the state religion? 

Indeed who gets to decide what “Christianity” means? Many Christians do not consider Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses to be Christian. 

Many fundagelicals do not consider Catholics to be Christian.

Why on earth would a state government want to embroil itself in all this divisiveness, when there are enough real issues to be solved - unless it already had an agenda in mind? 

Watch out for your liberties, folks!


Patrick Gannon 

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