Symbolism and our existence

Dear Editor,

Thank you Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi for your paper titled “Making the invisible visible” published in the Sunday Samoan. 

I’m always fascinated by the ways that every indigenous people have their own cultural belief systems fixated on their own demarcation center of land space, that are far apart from other indigenous people; but yet they have everything in common, hence ; “e pipi’i tia ae mamao ala.”

We are all inter connected through time and space and if time is the measure of our existence, then what we knew through out history is not the way that we think it does, but a history that was written by those that claimed to be send by their God to save us from our self destructive ways of savagery.

Our knowledge based on nature and the true essence of our divine moe manatunatu; prayers and meditation as we seek the guidance of the spiritual realm of the universe; as some people called God was our form of religion in the past commonly known as paganism. 

Which was demonized by Christendom and yet it’s written in their bible as allegories and metaphor. We authentically use all natural remedies to cure all our diseases without harming the environment, hence “ e fofo ele alamea le alamea.” 

We have lost all knowledge of navigational skills of how to use the stars as our guidance and we used the alignment of the stars to predict the best time for fishing and harvesting of crops etc.

We still practiced some rituals today but we don’t remember the meaning of it, example; why do we walk in circles when someone dies? 

Well, the circle is the symbol of the sun’s eternity and it does have 360 degrees of the circle.

Why do you think our houses were build like circles? It’s not by chance, but it mimics the sphere of a circle, the sun. 

And why do you think our reverence to, “ O pa’ia o Samoa e amata mai Saua, se’i pa’ia fafao Sauali’i.?” It’s because the sun rises from the east and sets in the west. 

What about the fairy tale about the couple by the name of Po ma Ao, male la fale e tulutulu i tao? It’s the symbolism of the rising sun and the setting sun and the rays of the sun are the taos. (piercing spear)

If we break it down by four quarters with each quarters by thirty degrees, it will equate to twelve, we get the twelve-spoke wheel of the Zodiac. 

Hence the saying goes” you cannot re-invent the wheel, the wheel was already invented.” E leai se mea fou i lalo ole la, is applicable to this context.

The number twelve comes up more often in the bible, Jesus and his twelve apostles, Jacob and his twelve sons etc. hence it’s in the system of government, academia, the medical field; the twelve step program etc.

Therefore the personification of the Jesus myth in the bible is all metaphoric and allegorically written. It’s all about the sun visiting his twelve houses of the zodiac, hence the timekeeper, when we are born in time, we die in time, we are time stamped; from the womb to the tomb; from our sunrise to our sunset. Chronos the timekeeper is the controller of mankind. “Time and tide does not wait for no man.”

It’s all about symbolism, hence the title of the article is “making the invisible, visible.” 

That’s the most transparent way to transpose invisibility to visibility, with all due respect to those that might feel offended by these truths.  Ma le fa’aaloalo lava.


Leituala Roger B. 

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