Standing up for evolution

Dear Editor,

Re: What evolution?

Evolution is a theory as in the theory of relativity and the theory of gravity are theories.

To suggest that calling evolution a theory means it is not proven science is a misuse of the word theory.

I am a believer in the theory of evolution because there is conclusive evidence and fossils to support the theory.

In the case of monkeys and apes, we have a common ancestor with apes. At some point in evolution we branched off from our common ancestor and one branch evolved into us humans and another branch from this common ancestor evolved into the monkeys we know today. 

They became better climbers and swingers and we became better thinkers.

Still today our DNA is almost identical. Dinosaurs went extinct, they didn’t evolve into lizards, as has 98 percent of any species that has ever existed, which would be indicative of random chance rather than an intelligent designer, as this would not indicate a very intelligent designer at all. 

Why would a designer, design things over billions of years just to kill them all off. Or design bacteria that was the only thing that existed for so long just to kill us off in the end. It seems to contradict the idea of an intelligent designer, especially one that loves and cares for us as the abrahamic religions would like us to believe. 

Anyway I can’t really say more on this topic, but evolution did happen and we did have a common ancestor with apes and it can be proven with fossils and skulls and other artifacts found in a museum in Africa. 

This is the only accepted theory that is taught in schools in Canada if you want tax payer funding. 

I happen to think the Canadian governments in all the provinces have this absolutely correct. Creationism is not accepted anywhere in Canada as a valid theory. In Canada there is no debate on this science that evolution is fact.


Wendy Wonder 

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