Such a shame

Re: P.M. accuses lawyers  

The P.M. should be ashamed to be endorsing violence. No wonder Samoa is suffering socially. In a democracy that protects free speech the only appropriate words from a Leaders mouth would be that anyone acting violently towards others would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

This is not the way the P.M. has decided to respond instead he responds how I would expect he responds after watching him fat shame his public sector workers, abuse women by calling them snots, victimizing mothers of poor street vendors, refusing to take responsibility for the escaped prisoners, and etc...for the last 10. 

He does not respect his people or democracy or free speech so if anything he gets the society he deserves. I don’t need O.L.P. to see the P.M. for who he is I only had to watch him and listen to him for the past 10 years. 

This is just another example of him showing people what is in his heart if he has one. Anyone who can picture another person being harmed by violence and not condemning it has no heart. One thing is abundantly clear this man does not have the class one should have as a leader. 

It’s this common classlessness that the P.M. of Samoa and the President of the United States have in common. As a result of their classlessness they are both screaming about Libel laws against people and they both promote violence from their followers against their critics. 

Trump against Michael Wolfe and C.N.N. and Tuilaepa against O.L.P. The good thing about the U.S. is that the people are still protected from their classless leader because it is a democracy of sorts. So much for Samoa.


Wendy Wonder

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