Let’s just look at the facts

Dear Editor,

Re: Mustafa on Israel and Samoa

First off, the link you gave is proof that Israel is the most moral army. Israel has been conducting an investigation to ascertain the factuality of the complaints. 

On the other hand, Hamas has been known to use its people as human shields, so it’s their fault, if the complaints are somewhat true. 

As for European converts to Judaism, dude that shows how ignorant you are. Some of those so-called European converts actually have Jewish blood. More to your nightmare, other Jews had always lived in Israel and in surrounding Muslim nations for thousands of years. 

Many in Israel also came from these Muslim nations after being persecuted and banished by Muslims after several Muslim nations got their rears kicked by Israel in the late 1940s. 

And about those orthodox Jews who side with those fake Philistines (Palestinians), they know that Israel is their homeland, it’s just that they believe God has not given Jews the command to return to Israel. 

Matagi, fa’aagi mai se matagi lelei, ‘ae ‘au le sau ai ma lapisi. 

That said, stand in front of a mirror and you’ll see who the real moron is.



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