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Dear Editor,

“Everyone charged with a criminal offense shall have the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to the law.” 

People awaiting trial have not been convicted of any offense.

I would like to start my letter with the above because I believe an innocent man has been severely punished without a fair trial.  The matter of Rev. Afereti Uili being stripped of his pastoral duties is just outrageous.  How can you pass judgment without any evidence!  This decision was made entirely based on a questionable woman’s accusation. NOTHING ELSE. 

I am appalled that the Elders Committee didn’t even give Rev. Afereti the benefit of the doubt, as the trial hasn’t even reached a verdict/decision. 

To say that no Samoan woman would lie about such a thing is stupid to say the least.  How many people have been wrongly accused in the past and that is your reason?  What confuses me the most is to why this ‘woman who doesn’t lie’ has not been revealed?  We want to know who she is and if her accusation is credible.  Why the secrecy? If you are so open to splash Rev. Afereti’s name all over the media, why hide and protect her she’s not the only victim in all this.

Is this how the Church treats those that have given blood and sweat to build it up?  I am disgusted as to how this has been handled.  

Not waiting for the Court case they have gone ahead and made a speedy decision.  Why?  Because there are those who never wanted Afereti in the Secretary General position in the first place out of spite and jealousy.  They want Afereti out so they strip him of his duties so that they can appoint a new Secretary General in time for the Fono tele.

Who are those that want Rev Afereti out?  

Those that fear that their poor handling of the Church’s assets would be found out.  Just look at the sorry sight of the incomplete Iupeli building at Malua.  

Are these the same people that wanted the old Iupeli put down and now they cannot complete it because the Church is out of funds?  How is that possible? 

Why haven’t they investigated who has “eaten” all the money, not just thousands but millions? 

Is there no stripping of pastoral duties for them aye? 

This is outright corruption; someone needs to be stripped of their duties.  

Rev. Afereti had the difficult task of fixing all the mess the former office left behind.  Now they are framing him with this woman’s false accusation and the Elders Committee has been seduced into making a hasty decision.  They have completely ripped an innocent man apart and they have the audacity to say thank you for services rendered. 

To Rev. Afereti, you have many supporters we know you are innocent but man will fail you however God Almighty will never fail you.  

Find solace in Him who called you for He is the only Judge and His judgment is true.  Let TRUTH prevail.

Charis Su'a

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