Is electricity expensive in Samoa?

16 April 2016, 12:00AM

The cost of electricity in Samoa remains far too high. So says the Electric Power Corporation’s (E.P.C) new Minister, Papali’i Niko Lee Hang. He has called on the Corporation to make electricity cheaper for all households in Samoa in the next five years. What do you think? Do you think electricity is expensive? Vatapuia Maiava asked in today’s Street Talk and this is what the people said:

Asotolu Uaita 


For me Electricity is cheap. We should count ourselves lucky that we are not like other less developed countries who can’t afford electricity with some not even having access to it. I wouldn’t mind if the price went down but to be honest, there are better things that the government should focus on because electricity is affordable.

Alex Finau  


The price of electricity is decent, but if (Papali’i) Niko Lee Hang wants to lower the costs even further then I really don’t mind. As of now the price is decent and affordable and if people can’t afford it right now then they need to get their priorities straight with their spending.

Varea Dawn Vaurasi  


Electricity being cheap or expensive is not the right question; we should be asking how much power each family is wasting every day. If you are smart with the appliances you use then the price won’t matter because if you save energy then you save money… simple as that. Rather than the minister dropping the price of electricity they should drop the price of energy efficient light bulbs and just think of how much money everyone will save. But for the sake of things I will answer your question; electricity is affordable right now.

Taufusi Faalelea 


I know for a fact that electricity is affordable for majority of the families in Samoa. There are a few people that cannot afford the rate of units right now and they matter just as much as everyone else. In saying that I applaud (Papali’i) Niko Lee Hang for thinking of the minority group. That is the sort of minister we need in Samoa.

Siatuvasa Faletoi –

Satitoa Aleipata

Electricity is cheap and affordable. But if some people cannot afford it then we must not look away because electricity is a necessity. The minister is doing the right thing by lowering electricity but I must ask…. At what cost? Will E.P.C suffer from this? Will their staff members suffer pay cuts? Nothing comes easy in this world and the minister should lay everything on the table so we can play a game of pros and cons.



16 April 2016, 12:00AM

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