Man’s best friend

Dear Editor,

Recently a person on his way to work in the early morning was set upon by a group of dogs rushing out from a home along the way. 

The attack was sudden and the instinctive reaction was to dash across the road to get away from the attacking dogs. 

He tripped on the pavement suffering serious abrasions to his knees and legs. Fortunately there was no vehicular traffic at the time or the consequences may have been worse.

Sadly the dog population remains the same with canine attacks a common occurrence in urban areas of Apia. 

Putting a collar on a dog will not deter it from roaming or attacking people. Control of animals is human responsibility. 

Registering a dog should require the condition of the animal being kept in a secure fenced area and only allowed in public on a leash. 

Any dogs roaming free to be collected by the dog management unit.  The collar disappears after an attack or when the dog meets an untimely demise and is dumped on someone else road front.

Such is the fate of many of “man’s best friend’ . I have buried quite a few.


Pat Ryan

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