One day trip not enough when in Samoa

By Nefertiti Matatia 24 March 2018, 12:00AM

A one-day trip turned into a mind-blowing experience for Ursula and Bob Lightowler.

They have been travelling on a cruise ship for 11 weeks.  

In one of their stops, they found themselves in a small island they were never aware of - Samoa.

They’ve been married for 49 years and after every two years, they take a trip on the ship. With all the experiences they have had, Samoa was a country they will not forget. 

The Dear Tourist Team found this couple from Switzerland, enjoying the hot sun by the poolside at the Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort, Mulifanua.

“There is one thing that I must congratulate you on, you know why. It is very clean here in Samoa. Honestly it is very clean and I like it here.

“We came in a cruise ship. All the way from Bali, Australia and then to Samoa and we have been to Bali and I didn’t like it that much.

“On the streets, they just litter all over the place. There is a massive difference between Samoa and Bali. It is like that day and night.

“I like it here very much, I must say,” said Ursula. 

The mother of two says the Catholic Cathedral at Mulivai was the most astonishing site for them. Being able to explore the hidden treasures of the island has left them amazed at a small country.

“We have been to Tahiti twice and they don’t have flights that come from Los Angeles to Samoa. It is hard to come here.

“It is sad that it was only one day that we get to spend here. We are unhappy because the sun is not out and it is time for us to go.

“But that is life we cannot change the weather.”

The couple cannot get enough of Samoa. They’ve already planned what to do if they decide to visit again.

“I would like to come back, but not by ship because I would like to stay a bit longer of course and travel a bit around from one island to the other. I know that it would be nice. 

“We were travelling around by bus, which I loved very much. We will be going to the United States then from Miami we will be taking another boat back to Ireland.  

“Then from Ireland we have to take a plane to Switzerland. We hope that we could come back once more, you never know. It is a long way.”       

She adds they have enjoyed the food very much. In just a short period of time they were here.

“I liked that we had Samoan food which was very nice, the taro especially. We had raw fish because in Switzerland we cannot eat really. I like to try everything in any country.”

By Nefertiti Matatia 24 March 2018, 12:00AM

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