Woman tells about ‘Chinese’ fight

A scuffle between a group of Chinese men at Vaigaga on Tuesday night has left a resident sad.

The elderly woman who spoke to the Samoa Observer on the condition of anonymity said the fight broke out in front of her house and she was fearful that it could have escalated.

What’s more, she is concerned the group could have been beaten by the village boys for making such a commotion in the middle of the night.

 “Our lights were off and we were watching the Filipino series on TV, when we heard a car stop in front of our house,” she said. 

“We heard people making a lot of noise as if they were arguing. I went to the front and opened the front door and I saw a van parked on the side of the road, and a bunch of Chinese men outside of the car arguing.”

She said there were five Chinese men who came in the car with some Samoan females. The lady said they were all drunk.

“They started screaming so loud and then they started fighting against each other,” she said. 

“It was not a scene to watch. People started coming and some were watching from the other side. And the boys from my village wanted to be involved, trying to stop the fight.”

However, the lady said she told their village boys to leave them alone and call the Police.

 “The men were fighting and the girls in the car tried to stop them, but they (Chinese men) pushed them back.

“The boys of our village were then tempted to beat them up because they wouldn’t stop and they were making a lot of noise but I told them to wait for the Police.”

The eye witness said that the Chinese men then tried to escape when they knew that the police were coming, but they couldn’t leave because they dropped their car keys while they were fighting and one of the local boys picked it up and held on to it. 

“The boy who had the key didn’t tell them that he had the key. He wanted to wait for the police officers to come.”

The lady said that the quarrel still continued on while they waited for the police to arrive. 

“When the police officers arrived, they spoke with them and asked the ladies and other men to go in the police car. But they were looking for the car keys.

 “We were getting annoyed because it was around 10pm and we just wanted to enjoy a good rest and enjoy the Filipino series.”

The lady said she was happy with how the police officers handled the drunken men and females. However, she was disappointed when she saw that the police officers gave one of the Chinese men the key to drive the car and asked him to follow him.

“How could you allow someone who was really drunk to drive on the road and at night time? 

“I thought maybe one of them would drive the car, but then I was surprised when I saw that they allowed a drunken person to drive.”

Although it wasn’t a big fight, the concerned resident said it could’ve been worse. 

“It’s a good thing we were able to stop the boys of our village from being involved. We don’t know who or what started the fight and we didn’t want to interfere with their problems.

“I think it was inappropriate to just stop in front of people’s house and fight as if it’s a bush. They could’ve gone and done it somewhere else and not make a lot of noise and cause a scene here.”

However, she is grateful that no one was badly injured. 

 “I am happy that no one was hurt, maybe they were hurt, but no one was badly injured, because it was a really big fight, they were all drunk and they were just pushing each other and rolling on the grass.”

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