Families wouldn’t struggle if young people use time wisely

By Ulimasao Fata 31 January 2018, 12:00AM

The young people, especially those who are no longer in school, need to make use of their time to support their families.

So shares Tesema Fa’alili, 28, from Levī Sale’imoa. 

At his age, Mr. Fa’alili said life is harder than he thought and he wants the young people to understand that unless they spend their time wisely, they will miss out on many valuable lessons in life.

“Samoa today is moving forward together with the influence from outside world and that has ffected our young generation,” he said.

“These influences have started to change the mentality and the way of thinking for our young Samoan people today.

“So many youths today are just chilling and wasting time, mucking around in town without thinking of getting jobs to support their families.

“Some of them think this is no big deal, which is very, very sad.”

Mr. Fa’alili was on his way home from his plantation when he met up with the Village Voice team yesterday afternoon.

Mr. Fa’alili said families would not be struggling in terms of food if the youths were making good use of their time.

“I know all families here in Samoa have lands to work on,” he said.

“So if the youths were to make use of their time and go work their plantation rather than just mucking around, their families will not be struggling.

“Our plantation gives us free food and extra money if we work hard on them.”

Mr. Fa’alili also mentioned that some of the issues within the villages are happening because the youths have forgotten their responsibilities.

“We heard so many issues relating to drugs and violence because youths would gang up with each other rather than be at home doing chores.

“The youths are just busy with their own things and not going to the plantation to work there and support their families from there if they can’t find jobs.”

Mr. Fa’alili also added that life would be easy if the youth helped out their families.

“Life is hard already and I think the last thing our families want from us is getting into trouble within the village.

“I believe the only thing that they want from us is our contribution and help during these tough  times we are going through in Samoa.”

By Ulimasao Fata 31 January 2018, 12:00AM

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