Egos and the struggles of Samoa Airways

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to your article titled Samoa Airways $2 m. ‘teething problems’.

Months ago (memory lapse), I wrote about how ludicrous and dumbfounded decision by the Samoan (Stui) Government to drop Virgin Airlines, after deciding (paper, scissors, rock?) to go it alone and present our beloved Samoa (by default) another national debt.

The direct answer to Samoa Airways ‘teething problems’, is egotistical oversight!

That is, when history like the Polynesian Airline era is presented to Parliament, and it is clearly described by economic analysts as a damning and bad economic venture, it should of sent the decision makers(Stui included) running and diving into the Mulifanua Wharf.

Do you think anyone from within the H.R.P.P, including Dr. Stui (with all his intellectual degrees and wisdom) should have deciphered the poor economic report of Polynesian Airlines, and simply decided there and then, that another National Carrier would become Samoa’s ‘Achilles heel’

The answer to my question is No, no one (that I am aware of) within the H.R.P.P put their hand up, and showed any fortitude and conscience to walk across the floor in protest to stand up for our 13-30year old generations, who will be repaying the debt Samoa Airways will incur long after the present decision maker’s have left the treasury coffers of Government in disarray.

Stui and his government have egos as big as an Emirate A380 Airline, and seeing how successful our cousin’s the Fijians have been with their own Airline. Well...Samoa had to have an Airline of its own, and at whatever cost to Samoa, even contrary to sound economic public opinion (including myself), that suggested to Stui otherwise.

The fact that Fiji (I believe) has been Stui’s benchmark when he decided for Samoa Airways to become a reality was made purely upon Stui’s (okay maybe a couple of his side kicks as well) ego, and how he is trying to emulate Prime Minister Bainimarama of Fiji (who has done wonders to stabilise Fiji economically and socially after their coups) to make Samoa a tourist mecca and an industrialised centre of importance within the Pacific Nations (similar to how Trump believes the U.S.A. are of importance to the world - with his finger on the N button, Trump is not to be taken lightly as opposed to Stui).

Samoa Airways was always on the back foot, when it started whereas.

Stui and his government were on their front foots with egos that simply rejected economic reasoning and believed history (Polynesian Airlines debacle) would not repeat itself on their watch! 

Well....we are a few month’s in and Stui believes ‘teething problems’ are what Samoa Airways is experiencing? 

As per an earlier letter written in your Samoa Observer how it explained a citizen sitting at the Airport and counting the passengers coming off a Samoa Airways and a Fiji Airline flights. 

It was interesting to note about 30 passengers from Samoa Airlines and about 200 passengers from Fiji Airlines disembarking. Well basic maths would suggests, that the lowest number of passengers would be an economic burden on an Airline as opposed to the 200 or so passengers? 

Sadly, they (Stui and government) walk around Samoa enacting the character of the ‘Emperor and his birthday suit’, nothing is wrong and all is well around here in Samoa and certainly with Samoa Airways!

Finally, I am looking forward to flying into Samoa towards the end of the year, and have yet decided on which Airline my family and I will fly on. 

I will not let my ego get in the way of my decision as I will discuss (with my wife) the best economic package that ensures we are living within our means as a family. 

Still, I do hope the best for Samoa Airways, and that (hopefully) Stui and his sidekicks can iron out their ‘teething problems’ along with their egos to ensure Samoa Airlines doesn’t become another Polynesian Airline debacle, that almost bankrupted Samoa along with a few egos at the time. Fa’afetai,


Sa’u Matagi Iona Tusa

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