Stop the negativity

Dear Editor,

Re: Vision or foolish dreams? 

Tired of hearing same old negativity reporting on government please Mr. Editor. 

Your personal venom against government, for whatever reason, it is your right to express, but as a daily reader and a fan of our dear ‘Observer’, I personally think that whatever it is that’s depressing you, your personal attacks on government shouldn’t be main focus or I should say the only focus we read in our paper every day now, because to be honest, it is making ‘my Observer’ a boring read with same old boring stories, filled with negative vibes that’s making our paper ‘A unreliable source’.

...”A dishonest and an untrustworthy source uses the media to prove their point”.

Sorry but I really don’t like hearing people now starting to call my newspaper bias and single-sided.



Saivaaia John Hale 

An everyday fan of ‘Samoa Observer’

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