Enjoy life, be happy

By Talimalie Uta 18 September 2017, 12:00AM

Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it says Apisaloma Siliato, a 32 year old from Gagaifo Lefaga.

Last week, Village Voice caught up with him on the road while he was on his way to the shop to sell his bottles for cigarettes.

He is a single man living with his parents and four older siblings

“At the moment, I’m still enjoying my youth. I’ve got no time for relationships because I have a lot on my plate.

“Plus… I’m still embracing the beauty of life

“I don’t work and I have no intention at all to look for a job,” he said

Apisaloma’s family have two large tracts of lands near their home 

“We own two large plantations, estimated at two acres.  It’s huge and I’m the only one who works on it

“I love what I do because I am used to it. 

“We also have another plantation in Aleisa … our family is all about harvesting lands and using the money from sales wisely.

 “I used to take my bags of taro in the market but I didn’t earn much money from thast, so now I prefer selling in front of our home and whatever money I make from it in a day, I’ll take it

“My family are not really struggling, we have everything, well  not everything, but we lead  a very normal life.”

“My other siblings have jobs … I’m the only unemployed one here because my duty is to work on our plantation,” he said

Apisaloma is satisfied with the cost of living

“It’s true it’s getting expensive, but we cannot do anything about it… its part of life. 

“Everything moves forward and everything changes … so the only thing to do, is deal with it.”

“For me, that is why I prefer to stay single because I can look after myself by myself.

“If I run out of money, I sell my bottles. If not, I go to my uncle in Aleisa for help… because that is the Samoan life.

“If you don’t have enough, you seek help from your extended family.”

“Because the most important thing is to enjoy your life to be happy and that’s all that matters.”

By Talimalie Uta 18 September 2017, 12:00AM
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