The land is the last stand

Dear Editor,

Re: Powerful government now want to run the villages

Who would have thought the “thieves” would be our own? 

Our ancestors are turning in their graves! 

This is the ultimate reach to the end. If he can’t entice, manipulate and fool you into surrendering your land, he’s now going to take it to the villages to circumvent the matai’s authority to manage their own villages.

If the people of Samoa allow this, it’s over! Tuilaepa is over stepping his boundaries. 

If the people of Samoa do not want to work for foreigners for slave wages and live like squatters on YOUR OWN land....better let Tuilaepa and his minions know it is not acceptable.

Those of you who are overseas, who are passionate and care so much about Samoa but are deeply disturbed and concerned with the direction it’s taking, better make some sacrifices and come home and fight the battle that truly matters or you will return to a Samoa that is unrecognizable and you’ll have NO WHERE to lay your head.

The LAND is the last stand, without it you have no identity because that’s being methodically diluted by the YOUR government with the flood of foreigners he’s inviting into YOUR small God even Pakistan is involved. You only need to look at the history and struggle of the American Indian, the Native Hawaiian, the Maori, the Papuan, to realize YOU have a chance to correct this before you go the way of these NATIVE indigenous people.

If not for you....for your children!


Stella M 

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