Fetching water daily reality

Tifitifi Ioelu of Fasito’o uta is tired of having no water.

Besides the rain; the 53-year-old and her children are always fetching water from other sources.

“Honestly, I get tired sometimes of having to do this job; getting water from such a far away area,” said Tifitifi.

“Walking is always our only option because we don’t own a vehicle.

“Sometimes we just try our best to hitch-hike because our home is too far away; I mean we are only humans after all and we do get tired from this difficult task.”

According to Tifitifi, they don’t have access to the governments’ water system because it doesn’t reach the hill where they live.

 “You know for the bamboos that are used by some of the villagers to get water; if those get full then that’s the only time we get to have access to that water system but it rarely happens because the water system’s flow is not that strong.

“Because of our situation, we have pleaded for a water tank before; when this other programme came our way.

“They have told us to prepare everything on where the tank would be placed and we went happily and did our best to cement the space for the water tank to be fitted in but unfortunately, it has been four months and we haven’t heard from them again. It’s just so sad because we were really looking forward to having our own water tank. 

“Without water, everything seems useless, you know when it comes to food, we can still just grab food from the lands but it’s not like that with water.

“To tell you the truth, when you’re in a situation like us; there are a lot of things that we have to go through; when you have no water; you don’t get to bathe, there’s no drinking and we don’t get to do our laundry.

“Water is basically for everything in the family.

“I’ve always asked God for water and always tell myself that he answers us with the rainy weather.

“But sometimes I feel bad when we run out of containers to fill  with water when it rains because to me, that’s a lot of water being wasted. I mean, we even use up our pots and pans other times.

“That is why I wanted a water tank to store enough water for us.”

If you want to donate a water tank for Tifitifi and her family, please contact Samoa Observer at Vaitele on 23078.

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