Climate and tax

Re: Effort to conserve corals 

Awesome work. Remember with the global warming issues against us we need to build structures to withstand storms and tsunamis. 

This includes our reef. If we can prevent tsunamis from gaining traction it will cause less damage in the village. 

Also, start to fine people for littering on our beaches. Plastics the fish consume goes on our plates, as well as killing our food source it makes us sick-it’s a no brainer. We need to clean up our country, as well as prevent dengue fever.

On another matter with the foreign debt, why is the Government taking the peoples land through torrens act and leases then, their grassroots? 

Also, the churches have plenty to answer for, making the poor village people feel judged if they don’t attend church and give funds they don’t have. 

They work like slaves for the church while their own houses are falling apart. Cap the church donations and fa’alavelave, that’s what’s crippling our people. Family first! 

I think if NZ funds Samoa, then let them also be on our Government Boards (land courts) let them investigate all corrupt land cases of perjury and stolen identity, and be more involved in where the funds go. Stop the corruption that’s what the people are crying. 

You can’t compare to countries where the minimum wage is way above Samoa’s. NZ helps because that’s where all the Samoans are, voting for them.



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