Samoa offers refuge from fast-paced life

By Soli Wilson 22 February 2019, 12:00AM

For German citizens Timo Muehlbacher and Martin Fink, it was good to be in Samoa, away from the hustle and bustle of a fast-pace life in Europe.

They are in Samoa for only four days, and are already regretting not staying longer, as they get to see more of the country.

“We regret booking only four days in Samoa, it’s really short and we’ve thought about what the best things are to do in Samoa,” Timo told Samoa Observer.

“And you see it when you speak to the people and the way of life you can feel it.”

When asked what they generally thought of Samoa, Martin said: “Very nice people, very friendly and it’s kind of paradise, it’s really nice.”

“It’s a typical South Sea feeling, typical way of life and its great. You can see that [from] the plane when it’s going to land and watch out of the window and say yeah it’s paradise, really!” added Timo.

With winter in Germany, Samoa provided the perfect getaway for the two who are on a vacation. 

“It’s our vacation and we wanted to see most of the islands, it’s too less time to try and see much and I think for this time we will concentrate on the main island, Upolu,” said Martin.

“In Germany, we have bad weather so for me, travelling is life really and I need this weather, I need the beaches, I need to weigh off life,” laughed Timo.

He went on to explain how much he is enjoying seeing the smiles of the Samoan people, plus the laid back way of life here.

“In Germany people are always so stressed and frowning and the world is so fast, but here you can breathe and relax and chill and that’s what I need and that’s the reason,” Timo said.

The pair will head to Fiji after Samoa, followed by a visit to the Australian east coast before returning home. 

When discussing the potential of Samoa as a tourist destination, the German pair said the country should step up and compete with countries like Fiji, but they are mindful of the risks that come with it. 

“I think Samoa could develop their tourism area more, but not too much, [because] Fiji is very well known in Germany. For example, Fiji which people often go to and [spend] their money there, as a consequence they can build roads and hotels, and maybe Samoa should do the same,” said Timo.

Martin added: “Infrastructure is good and Samoa could improve its tourist game, but the danger is the traditional way of life [will be] lost for that so it’s very difficult. I have overseen touristic lands, who would invest much into tourism, but huge hotels will cost nature and traditions – and the public and local people often do not approve, and that’s the risk. It’s both difficult and dangerous.”

Timo is a German government employee and Martin is a 35-year-old medical doctor.

By Soli Wilson 22 February 2019, 12:00AM

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