“Excuses or excellence”

Think a minute.A wise man I know says:  “People can change-but most people don’t!”  So sad, but so true. A famous author said:  “Even if changing means we will succeed and live our dream, most of us still choose to make excuses rather than to make changes.”

So the question you and I must answer is:  Do we choose to change and live the way we know is best? Or do we choose to keep doing what is easy and comfortable? Remember, if things don’t change, they’re going to stay the same!

If you keep telling yourself that you will never succeed because people and life are unfair to you, then that is the life you will always have. Your same, unsatisfying life with no real challenges or success. But it is your choice.

The problem is that most people choose to stay and live in their comfort zone. This is all the familiar things we’ve known all our life. Our habits and way we’ve always lived. Our same thinking and lifestyle. But because we already know what these things are like, we feel safe and comfortable with that kind of life, even though we may not be happy or successful.

Yet we’re afraid to try something new, since it will force us to start changing some things in our thinking and way of living. But if we want to reach our potential and enjoy the excellent life we were created for, we must leave our past, wrong life, and the excuses we make for it.

This is why Jesus Christ came to forgive and free us from our wrong, unsuccessful way of living. He is the only way you can start living the right way that works, so you can enjoy life to the fullest. So why not ask Jesus to come in to your heart and take full charge of your life today and every day? You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Just Think a Minute.

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