Public express views on new political party

30 July 2018, 12:00AM

The recent launching of the Samoa First Political Party has attracted a lot of interest from the public as well as the country’s political leadership. Our reporter Adel Fruean went out and asked people for their views on the establishment of the new political party.


Mereane Evili 19 Mulifanua

In my opinion, I like the sound of the name of this new upcoming party. The reason being is, they claim that they will put our country first, meaning its people first. I hope that they will bring a good change for Samoa, not in a negative way but a way where our nation will be united in peace instead of being divided by different causes. With that being said, they should focus on the people especially those who are poor and struggling to survive through poverty.


Pesega Junior 37 Lepea

I am for this new party, due to the fact that their name has great meaning but I would like to wait and see what they will be able to offer to the table. There have been so many numerous parties that have gone against the Human Right’s Protection Party but all have failed, so I hope that they stick to the meaning behind their name and hopefully own up to it. We need a strong coalition party that will stand for its people not just use words but no actions.


Losivale Fuimaono 37 Siusega

I fully support the new party becomes who knows this could be a new opportunity for our country to be blessed by new leaders to have a different yet positive change of direction. It is all for the benefit and better future of our nation especially its people. I am more curious about how this party would come about and deliver on such a bold name called Samoa First Party so they should do everything in their power to put the people first.

Michael Michael 40 Faleata

In my perspective this new party is just a disturbance to our present government. I support our current government because of the many years they have served our country; you can’t compete with that kind of experience. I applaud our government for all their hard work in developing our small nation. This new party has no proof of what they have offered to the people of Samoa yet, they have just begun, they have a long way to go.


Sefulutasi Elisala 65 Moamoa 

I am very happy with this new party called Samoa First Party. The name itself is quite intriguing that it screams out change. And that is why I like the idea of this new party, there have been so many things happening to our country, the changes have been quite advanced so I think that with modern changes should also scream the fact that a new government should take over to see new developments or what they can do for the people of its own country.

30 July 2018, 12:00AM

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