What is life without happy moments and drama?

By Lumepa Hald 21 January 2019, 12:00AM

Now that the New Year celebration is beginning to get old, we may as well look forward to some real problems. 

What is life without parties and drama anyway? 

Upon reflection, I like to sit on the deck and watch the birds sway in the wind, the palm trees, the sky, and the ocean meet like friends gather in happiness. It seems that the beauty of them combined is there because someone is watching them as I do at times. 

The inner turmoil of our planet is deep within these moments of realization. It is the realization that all our perils end here. But we cannot be so sure of such a fact when we are busy running. And by running, I mean we are usually quite unconscious of our behavior, towards animals, the environment, each other and ourselves. 

We seem to forget that we are one and the same with all these things if you think of rot and decay in a contented poem. Is it lack of humility? Is it ignorance? 

But even poetry and art are not flourishing, as the mind of creativity is somewhat depleted if not encouraged in our societies. 

Bingo in the village is a cry out for parenthood and motherhood. The idea that there is more to do outside the home rather than in the home, excused for charity, is a little farfetched, no? 

For there in the home lives a child who needs nurturing and if by golly there is none of that from young ages, and not a promising good level of education, we may be doomed to violent youth and more violent adults to come. 

Isn’t this where the church’s legacy was about? That the reverend would be the forefront of education for the children of a village? Education is the key to alleviation of poverty, I read somewhere, and it is seemingly true in the things I see these days. 

What would change us for the better if not for mistakes realized? 

And what is our biggest mistake thus far? Well, it is discarding our role as true custodians of our own lands. It is making promises about better things to come when we are not God. 

It is in telling our youth that this is the life they made, without owning the decisions we made for them. It is forfeiting the honesty of hard work in the sea, land and forests, which preserve and guard against over use and over-zealous things that would affect the very soul of who and what we are. 

If you ask me about the future in the concept of new year resolutions, I would prayerfully whisper, “There is always love in kind to turn to.” 

By Lumepa Hald 21 January 2019, 12:00AM

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