Govt. applauded for hydro power

The Government has in the last two weeks been commissioning hydro power plants on both Upolu and Savai’i as it continues the push to become 100 percent reliant on renewable energy by 2025. Our reporter Yolanda Lavatai went and met members of the public to get their views on the issue.


Marasavana Misieli, Vaitele Tai, 45

“It’s wonderful what the Government is doing. First we had the solar power that was introduced not too long ago, and now hydro power systems both here and Savai’i. I understand its purpose is to help reduce the prices for electricity. However, I personally believe that all these machinery and systems will do nothing to decrease the already expensive cost of living electricity included.”


Sua Tailoalo, Matatufu, 51

“I believe that this is just another project the Government has introduced, to make us believe that something is being done about electricity costs rising, when in actuality nothing has changed. We have solar that is supposedly helping to reduce the use of diesel but we are still using more than 50% diesel. What are we to expect from these hydro power systems? I am just saying because I have a family to provide for and the issue is not resolved.”


Luavalu Paulo, Vaimoso, 36

“Well considering that the whole reason the Government has established hydro power is to reduce the costs of electricity that is already expensive. I just really hope that this project goes to helping all of Samoa – no matter what status. This is a really good project and I know that if all succeeds Samoa will benefit from it greatly, if the Government does as promised in helping Samoa.”


Michael Taulolo, Falelauniu, 25

“I trust that the Government is doing its best to help reduce the cost of living in Samoa. This new hydro power is probably a project to help Samoa save money and live better. I think that we should give it a shot, after all we can make use of all the natural resources we have, like sunlight and the water. I just hope they get a hang of the kinks to work everything soon so that we can finally get more for less.”


MJ Matau, Vaiusu, 16

“Probably by next year the Government will introduce new technology for renewable energy. But right now the more renewable energy sources we have the better. We are at risks of natural disasters and the issue of cost of living, but if all else fails than we’re already in the gutter. While the Government focuses on the bigger things at hand, we should help ourselves to adapt to the changes and challenges around us and take immediate action.”


Sio Sio, Vailele, 49

“Personally I think the hydro power that has been introduced is a good alternative from using diesel. Although, we have solar systems, hydro can help reduce electricity costs because we are evolving to utilise renewable energy. I work at MNRE and I have seen how costs of living has affected people’s lives. To have hydro power is a big step to becoming 100 per cent renewable energy.”



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