About climate change

Dear Editor,

Re: Climate change debate 

It is a complete disgrace when you come into a segment you do not understand and fail to achieve a first grade level of how molecules work. By your admission. You are dumb and cannot comprehend simple math and understand first grade science.

You purport to answer to a Well Being great source of information that can changes weather, storms and earth. What you morons have literally done by changing information, facts and graphs on a world wide level.

To push as world wide agenda, will close down manufacturing plants and decrease the total GNP GDP of a nation, including the USA.

You have set yourselves up as gods of the air, gods of the weather and gods of the earth. Dumb move, in that if the beginning is the beginning of the planet, then that begginning had a start from somewhere.

Hey dummy, in inertia it takes force to push. If you go deep into the core of the earth you can literally find what took place from a set in time.

If we can agree on this little excerpt, then we a conversation. If you deny that going to the core of the earth is not reasonable, then you have denied basic logic and basic fact.

Look up the ice cores called the Vostok Ice Cores. Read the data, read the data read the data read the data read the data. Engage in data, engage in data the data does not LIE.

Climate Change is a Con on humanity. You con men run around and do not read. That’s a fact”



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