We all need water

By Aruna Lolani 25 April 2017, 12:00AM

Sopo Vasasou, from the village of Leusoalii is one of the many people that are in desperate need of water.

Speaking to the Village Voice yesterday, he said that one of the many challenges in life is struggling to get water.

“I don’t mind being hungry or having no food, honestly I can survive through that but when it comes to water, it’s really difficult to live without water.

“Of course we have the village’s concrete water tank to rely on but most of the time, our weather is way too hot and the sun is too strong that it dries up or evaporates the water really fast. 

“So we get water from our neighbors just down from us.

The 66-year-old father pleads for water. 

“We have contacted our village chief about this matter and he said they are working on it and it takes time.

“Our village chief is the one we turn to when it comes to discussing matters like this.

“Any serious or big issue like this, we take it up with the village chief and he will contact the authorities about it. 

“So we’re waiting on when we are able to install our own pipelines because when we arrived here, all the people in this area have already set up their own tap water. 

Mr. Vasasou said they moved to where they are now two years ago from the inner lands of Leusoalii and it wasn’t easy getting water everyday.

Mr. Vasasou stays with his wife and one of his sons. His wife is currently working at Arco Chemicals.

“Our family is a small family because two of my children have their own families now.

“You know having a small family helps with budgeting because my wife is the only that works and whatever pay she gets, we use that to buy the little things we need; such as sugar, cash power and other things we really need.

“We are a family of low-earned income but it has made us learn how to use our electricity wisely.

“As you can see, our house is not a fancy house, just a small faleo’o that’s enough to shelter us everyday.

“Cost of living is not cheap but having a small family really makes life simple. 

“But getting water is still a struggle. A water tank is more than enough to help us in our situation.

“The only thing we need is water to make life complete.”

If you want to help out Sopo Vasasou and his family he can be contacted on 7222785 or 7746828.

By Aruna Lolani 25 April 2017, 12:00AM
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