Teleiai lands top job at Sleepwell International

By Deidre Tautua-Fanene 09 November 2017, 12:00AM

Teleiai James Potoi is the new General Manager for Sleepwell International.

And speaking to the Samoa Observer yesterday, Teleiai said he was excited to be part of the company.

“It’s going to provide a lot of challenges but it’s the sort of thing that I welcome and I’m going to work well with the staff,” he said.

“Sleepwell International aligns itself with what the government is trying to do and that is to increase our exports.

“We know that Yazaki closed so the government is looking for companies to come in and it’s very fortune that Sleepwell International has decided to come to Samoa.”

Teleiai said he was ready to take on the roles and responsibilities associated with being a general manager.

“I am ready for the challenge and Samoa has its own challenges,” he said.

“The isolated freight cost is expensive and that itself provides challenges for setting up businesses, but I think with the type of mentality and spirit that we have in Samoa, we can make this work.

“I know that the most important thing in any company is the people and that is why we need to work with them not isolate them, but work with them and have them align with what we want to do and have them take ownership.

“So I’m very happy and excited about this new company.

“There are also four key things that we looked at in setting up this new milestone; one is what we offer what our customers want.

“The other is distribution, how will we get our product to the consumers, pricing is another important thing.

“And for me one of the key things is communication, so that’s what we will need to work on.

“We don’t wait for the things to come to us, we have to go out and look for these opportunities.”

He added the most important thing that would drive the company forward was their exports.

“All I can say is that Sleepwell International is renowned for its quality products and Samoa is expanding its wharf, airports and hospitality and we are hoping to be able to cater for that,” said Teleiai.

“However like I said before, the key thing is exports, so we are going to be actively looking for markets in other Pacific countries and looking as far as New Zealand and Australia, I mean there is no limit.

“The only thing we have to do is to get out there and find those opportunities.”

Teleiai will resume his new post next week Wednesday.

Teleiai is married with children and is an I.T. person by profession and he had worked in several places in Samoa.

“My original background is I.T and I had worked for Samoa Tel about 12 years ago,” he said.

“My first real job in Samoa was at Yazaki and I worked there for about five years.

“I gained a lot of experience with manufacturing because like I said my background was I.T.

“When I left Yazaki, I had worked in few places and one time I was at the National University of Samoa looking after their I.T.

“After that I had worked for British American Tobacco and I have been with them for 10 years and I have learned a lot of things from this company and in particular the standard of work, levels of expectation and that sort of things.

“Then I decided that 10 years is long enough and that it was time for me to look for something new.”

By Deidre Tautua-Fanene 09 November 2017, 12:00AM

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