Blind Spots (Part 2)

Think a minute...The famous blind woman, Helen Keller, said: “It is better to be blind and see with your heart than to have two good eyes and not see yourself as you truly are.” Remember: “No one is as blind as those who refuse to see.”   

A man told me that in more than 40 years of marriage, his wife has never once said, “I’m sorry. I was wrong.” And on the rare occasion that she does recognize a possible weakness in her character or personality, her answer is always: “I can’t help it. That’s just the kind of person I am.” In her mind, she is never wrong or responsible to change anything in her character, because “that’s just the kind of person she is.” 

A counselor who met with a man I know suggested some areas the man needed to improve and grow in, but he replied:  “I don’t want to change anything! I like the way I am!” Just a couple of years after that, this man’s wife divorced him and took their children leaving him all alone. Both he and his family paid a high price for his immaturity, selfish pride and blindness to his own character faults that everyone could see but him.

Many of us go through our entire lifetime hurting ourselves and others by the way we handle our marriage, raise our children, and treat the people around us, yet never seeing ourselves as we really are. So we never change and correct our wrong, hurtful attitudes, thinking and behavior. Remember: “Character building begins when we are babies and continues to the day we die.”

The famous philosopher Socrates said: “Know yourself...The unexamined life is not worth living.” When we are blind to ourselves, we cannot see what we need to change in our character and life. Our blindness blocks us from ever reaching our potential and living our life to the fullest. 

“Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change himself.”  The fact is the only person in the world you can change is yourself. So won’t you start today?

Ask the One Who created you and all of your potential to help you start seeing your blind spots: your character faults, wrong thinking, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, words, habits, and relationships that you need to change. Jesus will forgive you for your sinful heart and way of living. Then, He will free you with His power to start seeing and being all He created you to be. Just think a minute… 

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