Our land and divine intervention

Dear Editor,

Re: Samoa’s state of denial 

We don’t see it now, but that’s exactly what’s going to happen. 

Wendy in wonder has a line into it. Why else would the government be pushing for this land lease deal in such urgency like tomorrow is Armageddon? 

Because we are being pressured by the World Bank, the Asian development Bank to pay our $B1+ debt by using whatever means, including leasing our lands to whomever can afford it.

 As Wendy puts it, we’ll be peasants in our own land because the next legislation that will follow is the ‘right to buy’ by the powers to be, who can afford it.

Our Matai’s in the village structure whom are so accustomed to matape’ape’a, and should not be trusted with our very livelihood, will have no problem agreeing to it for the price of a 4WD. 

It took our independence ‘till the last parliament sitting to get our first billion tala in debt. My bet is, our second billion will come during the current government tenure of 5yrs. 

I will happily buy the beers in 5yrs if we haven’t reach the $b2 debt mark by then, at the rate we’re going. 

Before I get distracted, I like to compliment the endless efforts of the ‘group of matai’s’ that are fighting against the land lease deal from the start, because I know without ‘Devine’ intervention, we will loose our land to the world banking system. 

Our government is just a mouth piece for a bigger global machinery of control that has already made it’s present felt in our homeland.

Back to the point, remittance, and the current denial that the government didn’t ask for it. That’s laugh. The same childish argument as saying ‘the banana tree didn’t ask the sun to come up every morning so the sun is not required for life’. 

Much has been said already about the issue so I’m not gonna go there today.

What happens if we failed in our obligations to pay? The borrower is then the slave of the lender. As the saying of the wise goes. 

Example, 2 yrs ago, I remember, our then minister of trade Fonotoe vehemently denied that there’s any fishing agreement between us and foreign companies, namely the Chinese. We stood firm in our belief to protect our fishing waters from foreign invaders during the fisheries conference 2 years ago like an innocent virgin, and yet our government, like a prostitute was doing under the table dealings with the chinese until the story was broke by this paper and then our beloved unopposed PM admitted to it and blast out in arrogance and ignorance that we should be issuing 2 million fishing permits instead of 2 hundred.

Why, because we borrowed ourselves too much into debt that if we didn’t play ball with the Chinese they could’ve easily impose sanctions on us that we will be thrown back into the Stone Age in 2 months. 

I know there are arguments out there from a college textbook that will give you a pass at the end of the year exam paper but the reality is quite the contrary. The pass or fail grade are real human lives.


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