How to change others

Think a minute…Someone said:  “You can always get what you want, if you help other people get what they want.”  Frank Bettger started selling life insurance as a young man.

By the time he was 29 he was a miserable failure and in terrible debt.

He says he finally realized what he needed to do was to help other people know what they want, and then help them decide how to get it.  Frank Bettger went on to be so successful that he was able to retire at age 41!

A great leader puts it this way:  “If you want another person to see something your way, you must go over to his side and see it his way first; then guide him back over to your side.

Don’t stand across the room and shout at him or call him stupid! Don’t command or order him to come over to your side. You must start where he is and work from there. That’s the only way to get him to truly change his mind.”

So when our kids are feeling down and discouraged, it doesn’t work or help when we yell or tell them just to be smarter or tougher and do better. In fact, many times by doing that we only hurt our kids more and make them do worse.

We just make them angrier and want to rebel against us.  So if we want to change our wife or husband, our children, or someone with whom we work, we’ve got to let them know we understand what they want. Then we must care enough to try and help them get it. 

It’s only then that they will want to change and do what you want also.

This is why Jesus Christ teaches that we must love others as much as ourselves, that is, care about their needs and desires just like our own. It’s only then that we end up finding our own needs for happiness and success being satisfied.

It’s simply a law of life that always works. You always end up happier and more blessed by giving and putting others first. But you also find that those other people end up wanting to start changing because of your powerful influence and help in their life.

If today you realize that you’ve been putting yourself first before others, why not ask Jesus Christ to forgive you today? 

Then ask Him to start changing your character every day, so you can start enjoying the success that only comes from helping others succeed. 

Just Think a Minute …

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