Criticism misguided

Re: Pastor says minimum wage is abuse of youth

Your views on church ministers having to pay tax are on point. However, the criticism of Samoa’s minimum wage is misguided. Your comparison parameters are so off the mark it gives the minimum wage earners in Samoa false hope that they too can earn around $10 an hour. 

And by the way, the oldest career in the world did not start in Samoa because of lack of money. It’s not about money, it’s about choices. 

You failed to acknowledge the many young girls in Samoa who, despite the lack of jobs, they choose to support their families by planting vegetables and herbs, weaving fine mats, fishing, sewing, experimenting with new cooking ideas and adapting to many other skills rather than becoming prostitutes.

Since you live in Australia you should therefore know that even a country with a high GDP like Australia has prostitutes in their thousands. 

A little bit of understanding in economics might help.



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