The real problem with our roads

Dear Editor,

Thank you Mr. Editor for continuing to raise this issue about the roads.

The road problem here in Samoa is not a new issue under H.R.P.P and PM Tuilaepa’s leadership. I’ve written letters in the past about the corrupt deals between the H.R.P.P members who are associated with the road contractors. 

The only genuine company that is fixing the roads properly are the Otts. Their contracts come directly from Asia Development Bank (A.D.B) – the rest of the contractors are associates of the H.R.P.P and they are shonky. H.R.P.P uses them for boomerang deals.

The government tells the people that they’re building a road worth $20 Million. They spend a couple of $Millions and the rest of the money goes back into the pockets of the officials and the MPs who are associated with these shonky contractors. Now it’s come back to haunt PM Tuilaepa.

Every time the public raise their concerns about the states of our roads, PM Tuilaepa and his goons deny the problem. They then take a picture of the road at Vaitele, which was built by the Otts, and post it up to fool the tourists and the Samoans living overseas yet the people living here in Samoa know the Truth - but P.M. Tuilaepa does not care because he suffers from a mental illness.

Here’s a picture of the potholes at one end of the Vaitele road and only in 

Samoa you’d find multiple potholes like these – you cannot avoid them. 

These potholes however are nothing compared to the other potholes found on our roads throughout the country. 

Some potholes are big enough for you to dive in for a swim. Were these potholes one of the reasons behind PM Tuilaepa’s decision to change the year of the imported vehicles to Samoa because he knows there’s no money to rebuild these roads properly?

To buy a new car anywhere around the world, it will last you up to 20 - 

30 years. You buy a brand new car here in Samoa, after 4 – 5 years, your car will be needing spare parts. Not only is the public paying for low quality fuel at the pump, they have to endure the potholes!

Now we have a $1.7+ Billion debt. I predicted that our debt this year will be way over the $2 Billion mark. So where is the H.R.P.P going to get the money now to fix these roads? 

Watch PM Tuilaepa come back with the biggest lie to fool the people and blame the media again. Well, this picture is not from the media.

I’ve been saying this many times before that PM Tuilaepa has been fooling the country for 10s of years and has been running this country with a blank cheque. Now it’s hitting everyone’s pockets here in Samoa especially those living overseas.

PM Tuilaepa and H.R.P.P are yet to build those bridges that were damaged by Cyclone Evans.

PM Tuilaepa must step down now. MP Papali’i Niko Lee Hang must be appointed as the new Prime Minister of Samoa to fix PM Tuilaepa’s mess and to clean up the corruption within this government which is long overdue. Enough is enough. 

Mebahel Raguel

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