Honesty is the best policy

No matter the job you have, do it with an honest heart. 

It may sound simple to many, but in the long run, dedicating your heart to the responsibilities you have been given, even if you’re self-employed or a farmer pays off. 

Such is the opinion of 21-year-old Fetu Leali’ifano. 

Fetu works at one of the companies at Nu’u and he earns $150 per week.

“I start early today (yesterday) and this is my life, come to work every day,” Fetu told the Village Voice team while on his way back home from work yesterday.

“I always come to work early in the morning and finish by afternoon.”

When asked about everything in life he replied: “The only thing that I’m concerned about now is the increasing cost of living.

“To tell you the truth, my salary can’t provide everything in the family and stuff that I want to buy for myself,” Fetu said. 

“I’m not complaining against my employer because this is the reality of Samoa nowadays, not only me but thousands of those who’ve work at other companies and government ministries too face this problem.”

“But thank God for giving me this job so I can provide for my family.”

He says nowadays it’s not enough to be sitting around and doing nothing.

“With the salary I earn fortnightly, after buying sugar, salt, rice and bus fare – it’s all gone”.

“Honestly, my family especially myself, we just can’t survive on $150 for one day, so we try to ration the use of rice every day.

“The prices for all the things in this country have increased from time to time and the pay people receive is not enough to cover every day needs. 

“For example, no matter how much money I get every day, it’s just like I’m holding nothing and that’s the reality in Samoa nowadays.”

Fetu understands there are other families that face the same predicament. 

He told the village voice “my family is no exception”.

“For your information, this job isn’t easy, I come every morning and deal with the hot sun and the rain, so that I can earn what I can for my family.”

He said his biggest motivation was ensuring his family had bread on the table daily and the children were taken care of and all their needs met. 

“I have to keep on working with hope that someday, somewhere, the government will decrease the cost of living especially the prices on goods and services.

“That’s the only hope now for Samoa especially us, I mean the young generation of Samoa now,” Fetu said.

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