A Fund for the future of Samoa

Dear Editor

Re: Think About This For A Minute

As a proud Samoan, it is very sad to see and read about the people you interview daily on how they live and support their families especially the ones in the back villages. 

They are the forgotten ones. They have no jobs and can only live on what they grow if any.  

That is all well and good, but if there is no income or some help from the government like we do overseas, who do they turn to? Most of us living overseas have means of accessing finance e.g.. the dole, benefits, pensions etc., if you don’t have a job or even lost a job. 

I wonder whether it would be too much to ask or call out to all Samoan born persons living overseas to donate funds for the future of Samoa. You are the media/voice of Samoa. 

We overseas, donate to the Salvation Army, Red Cross, World Vision etc., yet we’re forgetting our own Country. We do Telethons and such to fund several organisations, hospitals etc., Perhaps this can be held each year when we celebrate our Independence. 

We commemorate our independence and at the same time help by donating our spare changes or how much ever dollars and cents we can give to help the ones that are not fortunate enough to get jobs water and electricity. 

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think there are more of us living overseas than in Samoa. We’re known to the world for our hospitality, and generosity, so why not get together and help out. I have no doubt every Samoan is proud of his or her heritage. 

I do not see a change in this Government in the near future, therefore it’s up to us the people of Samoa to step up and help our people that are struggling and are not as fortunate as some of us living in Apia or overseas. 

To enable this to work, all donations and funds received should be handled by an independent group/organisation not the Government. 

Help Fund For The Future Of  Samoa 


Manuia Le Afiafi

Lupe Fepulea’i Curry

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