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Dear Editor,

Re: Church Ministers already pay taxes

Considering the rise of immortality in the community which now includes parents raping and killing their own children, let’s not forget also that all government officials and H.R.P.P members are all church going Christians yet there’s so much corruption and dishonesty in government ministries with no justice in sight eg, O.P.C Report 2010.

I would like to ask the question of what exactly is the church doing in the community if they came to our shore with the message of peace and love yet the community is suffering terribly at the hands of other church going Christians.

There are children selling things for a living which is a sign of poverty but the church is still taking money from the poor under the guise of donation so that a few can live comfortably at the expense of the majority and the poor.

I know father churchman Galu is excited at the sight of “suffering poor people” like a dominatrix hovering over her victims but hey man, not all Bible readers can understand the messages in the Bible.

The arrival of the church in Samoa brought nothing but deception, it was subtle but very destructive like a curse:

• People were deceived out of thousands of acres of pristine land, 

• Corporal punishment was introduced as a form of discipline

• Faifeau was placed in the village to be served rather than the faifeau serving the community like Jesus and the Apostles

• They colluded with foreign powers to change the history of Samoa.

• They brought so many foreign diseases which killed more people than domestic indigenous affairs 

• And now they take so much money out of circulation they are partly the reason why Samoa is so poor.

People should understand that our ancestors were noble warriors, we were never savages or cannibals and we protected our females and taupous fiercely which were signs that our forefathers were civilized and very humanized way before the message of Christianity reached our shores.

It’s appalling to see intellectuals still believe in a fabricated story concocted by invaders who had no respect for our culture and our forefathers.

We need to honor the memories of our forefathers by giving them the respect they thoroughly deserved.

Our culture calls for people to serve their matais and the matais to serve the people but now the faifeau is being served like a king but all they do is conducting church services.

Open your eyes blind people, the message of Christianity is about “charity” for the poor and “justice” for the oppressed.

So far the faifeau benefits from charity of the majority and they say nothing about government corruption which clearly is a diversion from principles of Christianity.

From a different perspective, in the world of professionalism (except Samoa government). If you can’t perform or achieve your kpis, you either get demoted or have your salary decreased.

If the millions of faifeaus in the community cannot curtail immorality in the community with the message of Christianity.

Should that be a good enough indication that they are failing in their mission, to me that deserves a demotion to the realm of working class citizens.

Right now, nothing seemed to work, it’s time they pay their fair share to the community and stop taking money from the poor because so far the spiritual kpis are not showing anything that indicates success in your line of work.


Le Mafa P.

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