Blind spots

Think a minute…How’s your eyesight and vision? A famous blind woman once said:  “It’s better to be blind and see with your heart, than to have two good eyes and not see yourself as you truly are.” 

As the well-known saying goes, “No one is as blind as those who will not see.” A famous philosopher said that one of the most important priorities in life is to ‘know thyself’, because when we’re blind to ourselves, we believe that our way is always right. Like the husband who said:  “When I married her I knew she was Miss Right, but I didn’t know her first name was Always!”  

Many of us are like that wife. We think we see everyone else so clearly, but what about ourselves? We can’t see what we need to correct and change in our own character, so we never reach our potential and live our life to the fullest.

We handle our marriage and other relationships, raise our children, and go through life never seeing ourselves as we really are.

So we develop wrong thinking and bad attitudes that hurt our family members and others. Sometimes we might even believe the lie that we cannot change because that’s just the kind of person we’ll always be. But our blindness, and sometimes pride, doesn’t really want to see and admit our faults. We might we even blame others for our problems and personality. 

You see, until we honestly admit that we don’t have a healthy character, we’ll never know we need a doctor to get healed. We need someone else with perfect, clear vision to show us what we don’t see in ourselves.

Jesus Christ came to do that for us. He will start changing your heart and help you to humbly admit when you’re wrong. He’ll show you how to better treat your wife or husband and children.

He’ll give you an attitude and heart that easily forgives those people who wrong and hurt you. He’ll give you the strength to always be honest, no matter how much you can get away with. Jesus will also help you not be quick to see faults in others or gossip about them.

So today, if you’ll ask Jesus to forgive you of your pride and blindness to your own faults; and ask Him to start healing and changing your heart, He will. Then, as you start living His way every day, you will start to see yourself becoming a new person who can reach your full potential.

That’s the only way you can have the successful, satisfying life Jesus created you to enjoy. Just Think a Minute…

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